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The Need for a New Philosophy for the Martial Arts

In light of the present situation it is clear that the martial arts are in need of a beacon to illuminate once again the inner path that has been darkened. The question is how to revive the spiritual tradition of the martial arts in today’s practice. This can be done only by offering a new philosophy appropriate to the modern world that both integrates and transcends the ancient philosophical roots of the martial arts.

This philosophy must be able to address concrete problems facing today’s world in such a way that stimulates the idealism latent in all young people. It must show a clear way to harmonize and unify the values of both East and West, of traditional and contemporary culture, and of the spiritual and material dimensions of life. Far from simply being practitioners who are highly skilled in technique, those who practice martial arts should be people of the highest character who are able to create true families and dedicate themselves to the realization of world peace. The first international workshop, held in Manila, Philippines, brought together nearly 100 martial artists, most of them black belts, from the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. Trainers for the workshop included instructors from Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia, Argentina, Kenya and the Philippines.

These books “A New Philosophy for the Martial Arts volume I,II,III,IV” are published because of above reasons.
A New Philosophy for the Martial Arts 
Volume I: Character Education and the Martial Arts 1. The need for moral education
2. The role of religion in moral education
3. Universal Principles and Life Goals
4. Causes and Resolution of Conflict
A New Philosophy for the Martial Arts 
Volume II: True Family Values Education and the Martial Arts 5. The Family as the School of Love
6. Success Marriage Preparation
7. Promoting a Marriage Culture
8. Building Healthy Marriages
A New Philosophy for the Martial Arts 
Volume III: Purity Education and the Martial Arts9. Consequences of Sexual Revolution
10. Family Life Education
11. An Ethic of True Love and Sexuality
12. Drug Abuse: Focus on Prevention
A New Philosophy for the Martial Arts 
Volume IV: Service for Peace Education and the Martial Arts13. Fostering a Culture of Peace through Service
Tong-Il Moo-Do and the Providence of the Second Generation


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