World Tong-il Moo Do Federation- India
Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi, India

The First Promotion Test of Word Tong-il Moo Do Federation India Was held on last May 26, 2014. There
were 23 practitioner who join the test, and they both came from different chapter. From Nazapghar
there were 6 and from Hauz Khas there are 17 practitioners.
The test was composed of written exam about the history and significance of Tong-il Moo Do and
followed with the technical examination which make all the practitioners more excited. Some of the
parents were there to witness the test of their children and they are very happy to see their kids giving
all their best to pass the exam. Students show their determination and passion, so everyone in the end
pass the test and receive the Yellow belt.
Some of the participants shown a very good potentials and it serves them to get additional points,
specially the adult practitioner already finished a 2 Day Divine Principle Seminar. And There are two of
them wanted to be fulltime member and continue to learn the DP education.
In the 29th day of May, our Continental Director Dr, Chong Shik Yong Visited India, So we take the
opportunity that Dr. Yong Will be the one to give the certificate of promotion to the practitioners. Dr.
Yong Said that TIMD is one of the big hope to restore more young people for Heavenly Parents and True
Parents and for the providence here in India.
The Success of this activity is because the blessing and support of our national Leader, our very own Mr.
Krishna Adhikari.
All of this foundation of TIMD India we wanted to offer to our beloved Heavenly Parents and victorious
True Parents of heaven and earth and human kind. Aju.
Giving of Certificates Together With Dr. Yong
With Dr. Kettle And Mr. Krishna Adhikari
The Promotion Test
Before the exam During the written exam
With The Parents And Guardians
Technical Test

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